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Rugged Suppressors was founded in 2014 by industry veterans, Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak. The South Carolina company is known for the Surge 762, which was the first adaptable-length rifle silencer to be sold in the US.

Rugged Suppressors Introduces Lightweight Radiant 762 Suppressor

Aside from Dead Air’s Nomad-30 and Odessa-9 releases, the suppressor industry was mostly dormant in 2018. This week’s introduction of the Radiant 762 by Rugged Suppressors is hopefully an indication that 2019 won’t be a repeat. The Radiant 762 addresses a major – I’d even say gaping – hole in Rugged’s lineup. While the company has the Razor 762 and… Read more »

Rugged Suppressors Releases 9mm Obsidian

Following the immense success of their modular Obsidian 45, it was only a matter of time before they gave it a 9mm little brother. Just announced, the Obsidian 9 follows in the footsteps of its bigger sibling by offering two configurable lengths, stainless steel baffles, and the same non-slotted pistons as the Obsidian 45. The full specs are below: CALIBER:… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Oculus 22 Review

If there’s a crowded portion of the suppressor market, it’s undoubtedly the rimfire/.22 caliber segment. Often viewed as “gateway drugs” to the world of quieter shooting, .22 silencers offer the least bang for the buck (no, literally the least noise) and they’re also often cheaper than centerfire suppressors. Thanks to these factors, there are dozens of competitive options out there;… Read more »

Rugged Suppressors’ New Oculus .22 Silencer

Just like they did last year, the folks at Rugged Suppressors have gotten a head start on SHOT Show 2017 – this time with their first .22 silencer. Named the Oculus, Rugged’s new can joins only SilencerCo’s Osprey Micro as an adjustable-length, .22-caliber silencer. Configurable in either 3.5″ or 5.25″ formats, the Oculus is 1.06″ in diameter and weighs either… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45 Review

Back in December, the guys at Rugged Suppressors kept silencer fans on their toes when they dropped two new products within ten days of one another. The first out the gate was their compact Razor 762, a .30 caliber can that offered the same durability as their Surge 762 in a much smaller and lighter package. The second release (and… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 2/28/16

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ATI MP40 Receives Import Approval On Tuesday, American Tactical Imports announced that they finally received approval from the ATF to import the new 9mm GSG MP40. Getting this pistol (it will be imported and sold sans stock to comply with NFA regulations) approved has been a major process for the guys at ATI as the gun was originally displayed at… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Surge 762 Review

At the end of 2014, Rugged Suppressors burst into the suppressor scene when they introduced their inaugural silencer, the Surge 762. As the first adaptable-length rifle can to be sold in the US, the Surge reinforced a blossoming trend that began with pistol suppressors and has since become commonplace in many parts of the industry. Thanks to the folks at… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 2/21/16

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FBI Presses Apple on iPhone Encryption Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’re probably aware that the FBI has managed to obtain a search warrant compelling Apple to help them in decrypting the phone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Citing the very real difficulties associated with defeating modern encryption methods, Apple has… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Razor 762 Review

Just over a year ago, I received an unexpected message from a representative of then-new silencer manufacturer, Rugged Suppressors. In the correspondence, the company indicated that they appreciated the site’s suppressor coverage and they wanted to work with Modern Rifleman on an exclusive article. It was the first time anyone in the firearms industry had reached out with such a… Read more »

Silence Evolved: 2016 New Suppressor Preview

In Modern Rifleman’s first silencer preview last January, I made what seemed like a bold forecast when I proclaimed that 2015 would be the “Year of the Suppressor”. At the time, several major brands had new cans just over the horizon and a few young, but promising, companies were just leaving the ground. Despite my assertion, I’m not sure I… Read more »