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Rimfire cans might be quieter and rifle suppressors are more practical, but pistol silencers take the badass cake. They won’t make you James Bond, but you can pretend they will.

Silencer Shop Authority: CMMG DefCan 45 Review

When an industry friend tipped me off earlier this year regarding CMMG’s plans to hop into the suppressor market, I was very surprised. Sure, CMMG is one of the most innovative AR-15 makers out there, but silencers just seemed like massive departure from their core product and honestly, my expectations were quite low because of that. That wasn’t necessarily fair…. Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Dead Air Wolf-9SD Review

After almost two years of separation, Dead Air Armament and Silencer Shop reunited last May. While it’s always fantastic to see suppressors available at more shops, particularly one that makes silencer purchases as easy as Silencer Shop, I was selfishly excited because the deal meant that I would be able to bring Dead Air reviews to Modern Rifleman’s readers. That… Read more »

Rugged Suppressors Releases 9mm Obsidian

Following the immense success of their modular Obsidian 45, it was only a matter of time before they gave it a 9mm little brother. Just announced, the Obsidian 9 follows in the footsteps of its bigger sibling by offering two configurable lengths, stainless steel baffles, and the same non-slotted pistons as the Obsidian 45. The full specs are below: CALIBER:… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Gemtech Lunar-45 Review

For over a century, choosing the ideal suppressor was largely seen as a trade-off between performance, weight, and size, among a few other factors. Once a model was settled upon and the purchase made, few silencers offered any sort of configuration options. Anyone who wanted a shorter or lighter suppressor than the one they owned had to fork over a… Read more »

Dead Air Unveils the Wolf-9SD Subgun Suppressor

Few firearms are more enjoyable to shoot than 9mm pistol caliber carbines (PCCs) and submachine guns (subguns) loaded with subsonic ammo and equipped with a suppressor. Aside from suppressed .22 LR, nothing really comes close to the relative silence of subsonic 9mm leaving a silenced PCC. With that said, many suppressed PCC owners use silencers that are designed primarily for… Read more »

Busy July for Suppressor Enthusiasts

July has been one heck of a month for silencer enthusiasts. First of all, the ATF appears to have finally cleared the pre-41F paperwork onslaught! That means approvals should speed up significantly. Second, a variety of manufacturers have announced new suppressors. Just two weeks after Thompson Machine revealed its new fully-modular .22 suppressor, SilencerCo and Q have thrown their hats… Read more »

Griffin Armament Announces Revolution Upgrade Program

One of the unfortunate truths of NFA firearms and the long wait times associated with the approval process is that sometimes that can you bought eight months ago and just picked up might already be out of date. With a litany of companies producing suppressors and new releases hitting every few months, it isn’t uncommon for an entirely new release… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: AAC Ti-Rant 9M Review

Back in 2013, I made my first suppressor purchase – a SilencerCo Octane 45 HD. At the time, my decision made a lot of sense as I didn’t have any other cans and caliber flexibility was paramount to me. In the four years following that purchase, I’ve learned quite a lot about myself as a shooter and silencer enthusiast, primarily that… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Gemtech Aurora Review

In June 1995, at the tail end of the Bosnian War, an American pilot, Captain Scott O’Grady, was shot down in his F-16 while flying a sortie over Serb controlled territory. For the next six days, O’Grady managed to successfully evade enemy forces who actively sought to flush him out of hiding. For the entirety of his six-day struggle, O’Grady… Read more »

SilencerCo Announces Omega 45K, Kills Trifecta Mounts and Specwar Line

This afternoon, SilencerCo dropped a YouTube video outlining changes to their silencer lineup for 2017. In the spot (featured below), they show off the new Omega 45K, a larger brother to the company’s popular Omega 9K. However, it’s changes to existing products that have the firearms community buzzing. To start things off, SilencerCo is officially abandoning the Trifecta mounting system… Read more »