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Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov created not only one of the greatest firearms ever devised in the AK-47, he gave gun owners the world over a canvas with which to express their ballistic preferences. Aesthetically superior to the polymer and aluminum wonder guns of today, each wood and steel AK is its own beast. No two are exactly the same. This space is for Kalashnikov fans only.

Molot, Maker of Vepr Rifles, Named in Russian Sanctions

Yesterday, the Department of the Treasury announced a new round of sanctions against Russian citizens and businesses that have been involved with the Ukraine conflict and for AK fans, the news is not good. Molot-Oruzhie, OOO, or Molot for short, has been added to the list of sanctioned entities resulting in a ban on future imports of the RPK-based Vepr… Read more »

BelOMO PK-01VS AK Red Dot Review

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To regular Modern Rifleman readers and followers it should really be little surprise to hear that I love AKs. They’re some of my favorite rifles to shoot and are without question my top choice to collect. However, they haven’t always been too friendly to me – mainly due to their mediocre iron sights and my less-than-perfect eyes. I’ve spent years… Read more »

Arsenal SLR-104FR (AKS-74) Review

Just before last November’s elections, I went on a bit of a buying spree. Okay, it was more than a “bit” of a spree, but with an uncertain future for firearms as a whole and imports in particular, I felt that at the very least, waiting would lead me to pay a premium for some of the firearm-related items I… Read more »

Palmetto State Armory Acquires Destructive Devices Industries

After a week or so of speculation, it has now been confirmed – Palmetto State Armory (PSA) and Destructive Devices Industries (DDI) are joining forces. The news was first broken last week by Rob Ski over at AK Operators Union, but PSA (and their parent company, JJE Capital) formally announced their acquisition of DDI in a press release on Monday…. Read more »

TheAKGuy Nails the “US-Made” AKM

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Let me preface this article by clarifying: TheAKGuy’s new AKM is not a completely US-made rifle in the sense that DDI’s hammer forged line or Palmetto State Armory’s new rifles are, at least not to the same degree. However, I am calling it a US-made rifle because the parts are totally new production and for the most part, it is… Read more »

Arsenal SLR-104UR (AKS-74U) Review

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Even before the AK-74 hit armories in 1974, Russian forces were looking for something smaller and lighter to issue to mechanized, rear line, and special forces troops. While the AKS-74 with its side folding stock was developed around the same time as the fixed stock version, it wasn’t quite as compact as Soviet officials required for the aforementioned use cases. Ultimately, and… Read more »

DDI and PSA Both Release New AKs

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Yesterday and within hours of one another, both Destructive Devices Industries (DDI) and Palmetto State Armory (PSA) officially released new American-made Kalashnikovs. Both releases, chambered in 7.62x39mm, add to a slowly, but steadily growing supply of domestic AKs and to be honest, these are the most interesting we’ve seen yet. DDI’s new rifles are definitely intended to be high-end builds. They… Read more »

Let Down: K-VAR’s Big Reveal a Basic Molot AK

Earlier this week, I published a brief article calling attention to a teaser photo posted by firearms importer and distributer, K-VAR, on various social media outlets and web forums. Well as it turns out, the announcement didn’t quite live up to the lofty expectations I had set. This afternoon, the company revealed that they will be bringing in an AKM-style… Read more »

K-VAR Teases New Russian Mystery Rifle

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Over the past two days, the folks at K-VAR have taken to social media and web forums to tease an upcoming mystery rifle. The image they’ve posted, featuring a plain white box, gives away little about the rifle and company representatives have been tight-lipped about the announcement. Apparently, they plan to formally announce the gun sometime next week. Some things… Read more »

Getting to the Bottom of the AK Parts Kit Shortage

It’s no secret among students of the Kalashnikov that the supply of parts kits, with which many rifles are built, is at a historic low. Prices are higher than ever, kits that many thought would be available forever are now gone, and on the whole, the available variety is somewhat uninspiring. Considering that most former Soviet nations no longer use… Read more »