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Griffin Armament is one of the fastest growing suppressor manufacturers in the United States. The company is based in Dousman, Wisconsin and is well known for making silencers and accessories for pretty much every situation.

Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament Optimus Micro Review

Off the top of my head, I honestly can’t say how many .22 caliber suppressors we’ve reviewed here. I know the answer lies somewhere between “several” and a “butt load”. Okay, I just counted and the number is 16. That’s 16 different .22 silencers we’ve looked at since partnering with Silencer Shop back in 2015. But that’s really beside the… Read more »

Griffin Armament Announces Revolution Upgrade Program

One of the unfortunate truths of NFA firearms and the long wait times associated with the approval process is that sometimes that can you bought eight months ago and just picked up might already be out of date. With a litany of companies producing suppressors and new releases hitting every few months, it isn’t uncommon for an entirely new release… Read more »

Griffin Armament MK1 Recce AR-15 Review

When I first heard that Griffin Armament was hopping into the AR-15 game, my first thought was, “great… yet another AR.” This day and age, it seems like everyone sells AR-style rifles (I mean, even Savage has one now) and I wasn’t quite sure what Griffin was planning to bring to the table with the MK1 line. To be perfectly… Read more »

Griffin Armament Micro Modular (M2) Sights Review

Ever since I got my approved Form 1 back for my short-barreled AR-15, I’ve struggled to find appropriate sights, particularly for my ultra-short .300 Blackout (BLK) upper receiver. When I take my BLK upper to the range, it is typically accompanied by a 5.56mm upper of some sort along with other firearms, so space is at a premium and even… Read more »

Griffin Armament Releases Low-Pro RIGID Rail Kits

Today, Griffin Armament formally announced their new AR-15 Low-Pro RIGID handguard kits. The M-LOK-compatible sets feature everything pictured above, including the handguard, a proprietary barrel nut, the Rail Shield panels, Griffin’s Primo Gas Block, a QD sling swivel, timing shims, and an armorer’s wrench. That’s a lot of gear and it all comes at a reasonable price. Offered in lengths… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament Alpha/Paladin Review

Author’s Note: Griffin recently renamed the Alpha due to copyright concerns. It is now called the Paladin, but remains the same overall design. When Griffin Armament’s Optimus came out last fall, I asked the company about the possibility of titanium suppressors at some point in the future. As I saw it, Griffin had covered just about every silencer category with at… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament Checkmate Review

Last November, Griffin Armament created considerable buzz when they announced plans to move to a monocore baffle design in their popular Checkmate .22 caliber suppressors. Though the company has used monocores in previous Checkmates, most recent models have been stacked baffle affairs so the move back to a monolithic core is quite significant. After a few months of pestering the… Read more »

Griffin Armament’s New AR Furniture Hits Stores

A few months ago, I noted in one of my Modern Rifleman Weeklies that Griffin Armament planned to jump into the AR-15 accessory market with both feet. With everything from charging handles to full-on rifles either currently available or coming in the near future, the Wisconsin-based company is set to become much more than just a suppressor manufacturer. This week,… Read more »

Silence Evolved: 2016 New Suppressor Preview

In Modern Rifleman’s first silencer preview last January, I made what seemed like a bold forecast when I proclaimed that 2015 would be the “Year of the Suppressor”. At the time, several major brands had new cans just over the horizon and a few young, but promising, companies were just leaving the ground. Despite my assertion, I’m not sure I… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 1/30/16

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CMP Surprises with More Carbines A week ago, I would have sworn up and down that the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) would never ever have enough M1 Carbines to resume mail orders. Thankfully, my predictive skills led me astray on this matter and according to an email sent out Thursday evening, the CMP will be accepting new orders for “War… Read more »