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Feinstein Introduces New Assault Weapons Ban

Diane Feinstein is at it again. While last month, she admitted that no law would have prevented the Las Vegas shooting, she has once again introduced her standard Assault Weapons Ban. Inspired by the church shooting in Texas last weekend, wherein a would-be prohibited person managed to acquire several firearms after the Air Force failed to disclose his history of… Read more »

Harvard Study Suggests Gun Owners to Blame for Theft? Not so Fast.

You may remember the Harvard study released last year by medical researcher David Hemenway and his protégés that found that nearly 50% of guns in the US are owned by just 3% of the population. Flawed as it might have been, the paper caused a stir in the media, particularly with outlets who are less than friendly to gun ownership. This… Read more »

California Laws Dispel Notion that “No One is Coming for Your Guns”

On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown went on a bit of a spree, signing a bevy of anti-Second Amendment bills that found his desk after passing through the state’s Democrat-dominated legislature. Set to be among the most stringent regulations in the United States, the six bills approved by the governor expand the state’s definition of “assault weapons”, impose background checks… Read more »

Law Enforcement Should Heed Gun Shops’ Warnings

As more details emerge from Sunday’s terrorism in Orlando, it has become clear that missteps on the part of the Obama Administration and FBI were more significant contributors to the attack than initially thought. While Senate Democrats and the media have pressed for more stringent gun control measures to combat future violence, such calls ignore a very real issue: the FBI… Read more »

“Under the Gun” Producer Violated Federal Law during Filming

Ammoland and the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) have revealed yet another major problem with the maligned anti-gun documentary, “Under the Gun”. As Modern Rifleman reported last week, the piece (and its producers Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric) has already come under fire from Second Amendment supporters and the media for deceptively editing interviews with the VCDL. Now, it looks… Read more »

AIM Surplus Reports Data Breach

Over the past week, several shooters have received letters from popular firearms and ammunition retailer, AIM Surplus, indicating that their personally identifiable information (PII) was recently compromised as part of a security breach within the company’s IT systems. According to details from AIM, photos of drivers’ licenses and copies of federal firearms licenses (FFLs) uploaded to customers’ accounts were taken,… Read more »

GVA Data Shows Few Killed with AR-15s in 2015

In an effort to help settle the debate over the real lethality of “assault weapons”, employees from one gun and gear manufacturer recently took it upon themselves to determine just how many people were killed with America’s most popular rifle in 2015. Prompted by the company’s owner, Mark Larue, staff from Larue Tactical used data from the Gun Violence Archive… Read more »

Georgetown Prof Blames Belgian Gun Laws for Attacks

According to Georgetown University professor, Christine Fair (pictured above), Belgium’s “lax” gun laws and Europe’s “anti-Muslim hostility” are to blame for Tuesday’s airport and metro bombings. In an interview with NPR, the Security Studies professor also went on to say that Belgium has the least restrictive gun laws in Europe. Not only is this not true, but it completely ignores… Read more »

Thieves Run Amok in Houston Gun Shop

I had planned to include this as part of Modern Rifleman Weekly, but it did not make it into the article. Nevertheless, last Tuesday, ten (yes ten) gang thugs broke into Carter’s Country Guns & Ammo in Houston, Texas and walked away with dozens of firearms. The event, shown below, is remarkable for a number of reasons, not the least… Read more »