Rugged Suppressors Introduces Lightweight Radiant 762 Suppressor

Aside from Dead Air’s Nomad-30 and Odessa-9 releases, the suppressor industry was mostly dormant in 2018. This week’s introduction of the Radiant 762 by Rugged Suppressors is hopefully an indication that 2019 won’t be a repeat. The Radiant 762 addresses a major – I’d even say gaping – hole in Rugged’s lineup. While the company has the Razor 762 and… Read more »

ATF Publishes Bump Stock Ban

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By my calculation, yesterday’s article urging skepticism regarding a recent bump stock memo allegedly distributed by the ATF had a shelf life of approximately twelve hours. Such is life when you’re covering the news, but it’s still remarkable to see how fast things turned. Today, the ATF formally announced that it intends to criminalize possession of bump stocks – accessories that… Read more »

Approach KSTP Bump Stock “Memo” With Caution

KSTP 5, a Minneapolis-St. Paul area ABC affiliate, has reported for the last two weeks that the ATF readied preparations for a categorical ban on bump stocks as early as late-November. This report came after the KSTP newsroom received a scan of a memo, allegedly from the Department of Justice and distributed to gun shops and law enforcement, stating that… Read more »

ATF Changes Firearm Accessory Evaluation Process

It’s time to come clean. Way back in November of 2016, one of the things I admittedly thought a Trump presidency would bring us was a reprieve from extra-legislative regulatory measures. These sorts of rules changes, often headed by the DOJ/ATF or the State Department, were popular within the Obama administration after Democrats lost control of Congress in 2010 and… Read more »

H.R. 7115 Proves Anti-Gunners’ Tactics Have Shifted

House Democrats appear to be a little drunk on their recent return to majority status in the south wing of Congress. Having turned the chamber just one fortnight ago, current Democrats, led by Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) were quick to introduce what they’ve dubbed the 3D Firearms Prohibition Act. As you’ll see in a moment, the bill’s title does a… Read more »

3D Gunfight: State of the Tech

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Despite near-daily advances, consumer 3D printers are still solidly in their infancy. Even today, there still isn’t a 3D printer out there that is as plug-and-play and as reliable as your typical Brother, Canon, or HP 2D printer. To that end, desktop additive manufacturing (3D printing) has a long, long way to go before it is a viable tool for… Read more »

Google Removes GunBroker App from the Play Store

Last Thurday, Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins reported that Google, without warning, removed firearm auction site GunBroker’s application from its Android Play Store. How those of us who aren’t Breitbart readers are just now learning of this is totally beyond me, but here we are. According to Hawkins’ article, Google originally notified GunBroker on September 3 that the company’s application, which facilitates… Read more »

Judge Again Blocks Gun CAD Files, Defense Distributed Responds

Defense Distributed’s widely publicized battle with a collection of anti-gun Attorneys General just keeps getting better. As a refresher, after roughly five years of fighting it out in the courts with the State Department over the ITAR relevance of their open source, firearm CAD files, Defense Distributed recently reached a settlement with State and the Department of Justice that would… Read more »

The State of Modern Rifleman: Q2 2018

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It’s that time again! Actually, I’m almost two months late on this one, so it’s well past time at this point. Regardless, today, we will be taking a deep-dive look at Modern Rifleman’s overall performance for Q2 2018. As a reminder, this article is primarily intended for potential partners who may be interested in working with Modern Rifleman and want… Read more »

The ACLU’s “Cafeteria” Defense of Civil Rights

Last month, Jay Stanley, an analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) penned a blog post on the organization’s site titled, A Pro-Liberty Case for Gun Restrictions. In it, Stanley argues that the prevalence of high-profile shooting incidents has led to a troubling trend toward more restrictions on Americans’ freedoms and that, perhaps, it is appropriate to consider whether… Read more »