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Look here to find reviews on a wide variety of shooting products. Most commonly featured are firearm, suppressor, and optics reviews, but gear and accessory evaluations will also appear in this section.

Silencer Shop Authority: CMMG DefCan 45 Review

When an industry friend tipped me off earlier this year regarding CMMG’s plans to hop into the suppressor market, I was very surprised. Sure, CMMG is one of the most innovative AR-15 makers out there, but silencers just seemed like massive departure from their core product and honestly, my expectations were quite low because of that. That wasn’t necessarily fair…. Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: CMMG MkG Banshee 45 Review

While CMMG’s entry into the suppressor market has been the most significant news to come from the company this year, it isn’t the only thing the CMMG crew has been up to. You may recall that through my friends at Silencer Shop, I’ve recently had the opportunity to sample a variety of new products from CMMG. A couple of these have… Read more »

Primary Arms Advanced 30mm Red Dot Review

While I’ve been fortunate to own and use some high quality, pricey optics (like my beloved ACOG), I’m honestly sort of obsessed with the search for decent budget optics. My experience has shown that while the top tier sights are usually phenomenal, the point of diminishing returns with respect to price and optical quality is usually surprisingly low – below… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: CMMG MkGs 9mm Banshee Review

Pistol caliber ARs are a dime a dozen these days. Though we’ve come a long way since the early-1980s Colt 9mm SMG, the basic design of the typical 9mm AR really hasn’t changed a whole lot. For the most part, current 9mm offerings still employ the simple, but bulky straight blowback system and Colt, Uzi, or Sten stick magazines. In… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: CMMG DefCan 9 Review

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but suppressors are pretty popular these days. Long gone are the days when tiny, dedicated manufacturers were the only players in the game. Today, even Ruger has a line of silencers and Smith & Wesson recently jumped into the game via its Gemtech acquisition. Last week, another traditional firearm manufacturer joined the fray when… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament Optimus Micro Review

Off the top of my head, I honestly can’t say how many .22 caliber suppressors we’ve reviewed here. I know the answer lies somewhere between “several” and a “butt load”. Okay, I just counted and the number is 16. That’s 16 different .22 silencers we’ve looked at since partnering with Silencer Shop back in 2015. But that’s really beside the… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Dead Air Wolf-9SD Review

After almost two years of separation, Dead Air Armament and Silencer Shop reunited last May. While it’s always fantastic to see suppressors available at more shops, particularly one that makes silencer purchases as easy as Silencer Shop, I was selfishly excited because the deal meant that I would be able to bring Dead Air reviews to Modern Rifleman’s readers. That… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: The Daniel Defense DDWave

After holding my first silencer made using an additive manufacturing process (3D Printing), I was star struck. Here was a 6.5 ounce rifle can that could withstand the repeated blasts of 5.56mm ammo through a 7.5” barrel. Sure, it lacked a quick detach mounting system, but the trade off is a design that is meant to disappear on the end… Read more »

Zenith Firearms Z-5RS (MP5 Pistol) Review

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Have you ever had a firearm that you thought you could live without, only to do an about-face once you’d actually used it? Such was the case for me when it came to the MP5. If you would have asked me three years ago, I would have told you that MP5-style firearms were overpriced, underpowered, and generally outdated. Heck, I… Read more »

Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring Review

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As someone who reviews, owns, and generally enjoys shooting with suppressors, I’m always on the hunt for accessories and modifications that can make my firearms quieter. In this journey, one significant truth I’ve discovered is that no matter how excellent a silencer performs, it will always be undermined by the noise the rifle’s action produces as it cycles with each… Read more »