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Modern Rifleman was undeniably born out of the political environment of early 2013. Though political discourse is less prevalent here now, it is occasionally necessary to highlight certain events. These articles are more detailed analyses, while the snippets found in Modern Rifleman Weekly aim to touch on key points.

STEM Shooting Vigil Organized by Activist Teacher

Following the shooting at the Highlands Ranch STEM School earlier this month, students of the school made news when they, en masse, opted to walk out of a vigil that, at least nominally, was intended as a place for healing and remembrance of a classmate lost in the tragedy. That student, Kendrick Castillo, was killed while fighting back against one… Read more »

Kamala Harris’ Import Ban Proposal is Nothing but Punitive

In case you hadn’t heard, the field of Democrat challengers for the 2020 presidential election is just a little crowded. It’s made up of previous has-rans like Bernie Sanders, wannabe senators like Robert O’Rourke, and there’s even a couple of mayors in the mix. This cornucopia of contenders has led some hopefuls to make increasingly ridiculous promises, particularly on the… Read more »

Judge Grants State Partial Stay in California Magazine Case

The same district judge, Roger Benitez, who last week struck down California’s ban on magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds has now issued a partial stay in favor of the state. The move, which has disappointed Second Amendment supporters, superficially appears to be a loss for gun owners in California. In fact, it is an impressive bit of… Read more »

District Court Strikes Down California’s Magazine Ban, Feeding Frenzy Ensues

In a surprise move last week, District Judge Rodger Benitez granted summary judgement favoring the plaintiffs in Duncan v. Becerra, a case challenging California’s ban on firearm magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds. The decision shocked gun owners throughout the nation, who often chalk California up as a “lost cause” in terms of gun rights. It has also… Read more »

Illinois Shooting Highlights Broken Background Check System

Last month’s mass public shooting in Aurora, Illinois added yet another tally to the growing list of high-profile, deadly failures of the National Instant Check System (NICS), a federal database responsible for firearm background checks. In this case, a shooter who legally could not own a firearm slipped through the gaping cracks in NICS record keeping and not only purchased… Read more »

New Jersey Escalates Battle over 3D Printed Firearms and Parts

Update 2/15/19: This story has taken a remarkable turn over the last two days. On Tuesday, news broke that the takedown notice referenced in this article was, in fact, not submitted by the office of the New Jersey Attorney General. A Monday court filing submitted by the (real) New Jersey AG revealed that the “[Attorney General has] no reason to… Read more »

Shopify Boots Firearms and Accessories Sellers

If you’re a firearms or accessories seller whose ecommerce presence relies, or more appropriately relied, on Shopify, there’s a good chance this week has been rather stressful. Closing the loop on an August announcement that the Ottawa, Ontario company would be banning the sale of most firearms, ammunition, and accessories from its platform, the company began its purge earlier this… Read more »

ATF Publishes Bump Stock Ban

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By my calculation, yesterday’s article urging skepticism regarding a recent bump stock memo allegedly distributed by the ATF had a shelf life of approximately twelve hours. Such is life when you’re covering the news, but it’s still remarkable to see how fast things turned. Today, the ATF formally announced that it intends to criminalize possession of bump stocks – accessories that… Read more »

Approach KSTP Bump Stock “Memo” With Caution

KSTP 5, a Minneapolis-St. Paul area ABC affiliate, has reported for the last two weeks that the ATF readied preparations for a categorical ban on bump stocks as early as late-November. This report came after the KSTP newsroom received a scan of a memo, allegedly from the Department of Justice and distributed to gun shops and law enforcement, stating that… Read more »

ATF Changes Firearm Accessory Evaluation Process

It’s time to come clean. Way back in November of 2016, one of the things I admittedly thought a Trump presidency would bring us was a reprieve from extra-legislative regulatory measures. These sorts of rules changes, often headed by the DOJ/ATF or the State Department, were popular within the Obama administration after Democrats lost control of Congress in 2010 and… Read more »