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Each week, Modern Rifleman publishes a summary of noteworthy happenings in the firearms world from the last seven days. Readers can find those articles here.

Modern Rifleman Weekly 3/13/16

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Florida Mom Carries Off-Body, Pays Price Last week, a mother in Florida was shot when her four year old son reached into her purse and retrieved her concealed handgun. Thanks to the mom’s overt pro-gun stance, anti-gunners have been quick to pounce on this incident as some sort of indictment against all gun owners. Meanwhile, those of us with leveler… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 3/6/16

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Kevin Brittingham Opens Firearms Research Shop On Friday, TTAG broke the news that silencer mastermind, Kevin Brittingham, plans to open his own firearms research shop called “Q”. Those that follow the suppressor industry closely know that Brittingham recently left SIG Sauer after a very short time there and he is best recognized as the founder of Advanced Armament Company (AAC). Brittingham’s… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 2/28/16

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ATI MP40 Receives Import Approval On Tuesday, American Tactical Imports announced that they finally received approval from the ATF to import the new 9mm GSG MP40. Getting this pistol (it will be imported and sold sans stock to comply with NFA regulations) approved has been a major process for the guys at ATI as the gun was originally displayed at… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 2/21/16

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FBI Presses Apple on iPhone Encryption Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’re probably aware that the FBI has managed to obtain a search warrant compelling Apple to help them in decrypting the phone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Citing the very real difficulties associated with defeating modern encryption methods, Apple has… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly: Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at 79

On Saturday, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia, died of natural causes while in Texas for a hunting trip. Well known within the firearms community for drafing the majority opinion in District of Columbia v Heller, Scalia’s passing marks a severe blow to strict constructionists throughout the nation. His unwavering textualist approach endeared him to many conservatives and… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 2/7/16

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CMP Carbines Sell Out Instantly In last week’s Modern Rifleman Weekly, I reported that the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) planned to resume mail orders for M1 Carbines. As it turns out, the Carbines were available for just one day. After being flooded with orders on Monday, the CMP sent out a message stating that they would not accept any more… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 1/30/16

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CMP Surprises with More Carbines A week ago, I would have sworn up and down that the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) would never ever have enough M1 Carbines to resume mail orders. Thankfully, my predictive skills led me astray on this matter and according to an email sent out Thursday evening, the CMP will be accepting new orders for “War… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 1/17/16

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Previewing the New Griffin Armament Alpha I was not sure if I was going to talk about this suppressor prior to SHOT Show, but since Griffin has openly discussed it online, I will go ahead and share what is known. Built to address widespread desire for a user serviceable rifle can, the Alpha’s baffle stack can be removed for cleaning… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 1/10/16

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Ruger Hops into the Suppressor Game In case you haven’t heard, suppressors are one of the fastest growing segments of the firearms market. With nearly 1 million units in private hands, silencers are no longer niche products built solely by boutique manufacturers. With SIG jumping into suppression last year, it seems mainstream companies feel bullish on the market’s prospects. This… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 1/3/16

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Rapid Fire: Rugged Suppressors Announces Another Suppressor Apparently, the good folks at Rugged Suppressors have kicked it in to high gear at their South Carolina headquarters. Last week, the crew led by Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak pulled the covers off their new compact Razor 762 silencer and on New Year’s Eve, they surprised everyone with the release of their… Read more »