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Here you will find bits and pieces of significant firearm news. Modern Rifleman does not endeavor to be a breaking news site, but occasionally there are developments that need special recognition. Be sure to check out the regular Modern Rifleman Weekly news summaries.

Hungary’s FEG Looks to Bring the SVD Back to the States

If there is a single rifle that U.S. collectors have begged to see return, it’s the legendary Dragunov. There really aren’t many imported firearms that have befallen the sort of misfortune experienced by the SVD. In the early 1990s, SVD-style rifles sold in the U.S. could be sourced from either China (NDM-86) or Russia (Tigr/SVD). Then, in 1993, Chinese firearms… Read more »

The State of Modern Rifleman: Q4 2018

Before 2019’s first quarter comes to an end, I figured I probably should wrap up my recap of the last quarter of 2018, closing the book on yet another year here at Modern Rifleman. This, as always, is a quick look behind the scenes that’s intended to give potential partners and advertisers a better idea of the sort of traffic… Read more »

The State of Modern Rifleman: Q3 2018

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Site subscribers will have to forgive me here as I am doing a little bit of catch up. This is the quarterly review for Q3 2018, not Q4 and it’s just a little late. As always, this is mainly target toward business partners and most readers will likely skip right over it. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t make it easy for me… Read more »

Rugged Suppressors Introduces Lightweight Radiant 762 Suppressor

Aside from Dead Air’s Nomad-30 and Odessa-9 releases, the suppressor industry was mostly dormant in 2018. This week’s introduction of the Radiant 762 by Rugged Suppressors is hopefully an indication that 2019 won’t be a repeat. The Radiant 762 addresses a major – I’d even say gaping – hole in Rugged’s lineup. While the company has the Razor 762 and… Read more »

The State of Modern Rifleman: Q2 2018

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It’s that time again! Actually, I’m almost two months late on this one, so it’s well past time at this point. Regardless, today, we will be taking a deep-dive look at Modern Rifleman’s overall performance for Q2 2018. As a reminder, this article is primarily intended for potential partners who may be interested in working with Modern Rifleman and want… Read more »

ATF Decides a .50 BMG AR-15 Upper is a… Firearm?

Thanks to the arrival of our second child and all the hoopla over 3D printed guns that has dominated airwaves the past week or so, I’m a bit behind in covering this topic. Because of that, I’d recommend readers (who haven’t already done so) to check out The Firearm Blog’s article on the issue as well as this one I… Read more »

So Long: Smith & Wesson Moving Gemtech to Massachusetts

Pete over at The Firearm Blog reported this weekend that American Outdoor Brands Corporation (Smith & Wesson) intends to shutter the Idaho-based operations of recently-acquired Gemtech and relocate all manufacturing for the silencer company to Smith’s headquarters within anti-gun Massachusetts. The move comes after significant layoffs earlier this year, but it also follows a 2017 Gemtech initiative to construct a… Read more »

Bushmaster Looks to Revive the ACR… Again

Hey, remember the Bushmaster ACR? Of course you do. Nearly a decade ago and after loads of hype, the modular rifle hit shelves only to be subsequently ignored by Bushmaster and left to rot with little aftermarket support and none of the promised adaptability. Last year, at SHOT, Bushmaster signaled a modest revival to the line with the introduction of… Read more »

AAC Goes Titanium with the Ti-Raid 30

This week and just in time for the NRA Annual Meetings, Advanced Armament (AAC) announced their new fully-titanium Ti-Raid 30 suppressor. The Ti-Raid is the first mainstream rifle (.30 caliber or 5.56mm) product, at least in recent memory, where AAC has opted for titanium construction. Previous options, like the 762-SDN-6, 762-SD, and SR7 all employed stainless and Inconel and all… Read more »

The State of Modern Rifleman: Q1 2018

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Modern Rifleman is officially five years old. That’s right, as of April 4, this site has been on the web for five whole years. That also means it has been five years since I graduated college, but we won’t get into that. This anniversary marks another, smaller milestone as well. That is, as the calendar turned… Read more »