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Firearms here in the “Featured” section are those that I would like to review, but for various reasons may be poor review candidates. Often, these guns are home builds or are factory weapons that have been modified significantly.

Featured: Modern Rifleman’s KAC SR-15 Build

Modern Rifleman’s Featured section is a space I created to highlight some of my favorite gun builds that don’t really fit with the factory rifle and handgun reviews I do elsewhere on the site. To be completely honest, many of the firearms that make appearances in the Featured category are among the favorites of my collection and are also some… Read more »

Featured: Saiga Late Izhmash AKM Clone

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It seems like I’ve said this hundreds of times since I started Modern Rifleman, but I really like AKs. Unlike modern rifles like the venerable AR-15, each AK seems to be its own beast, an animal which only seems to grow more attractive with honest use. The Kalashnikov is truly one of the few modern rifles that seems as much… Read more »

Featured: Del-ton/Bushmaster M16A4 Clone

Welcome to the first entry in Modern Rifleman’s new “Featured” series. With this new segment, I hope to take a look at some of the “misfits” in my collection and other homebrewed or customized rifles that have found their way into my hands. Many of the firearms featured here are pieces that I have assembled or modified myself and as a result… Read more »