Pro-Gun SHARE Act Scheduled for Committee Hearing Today

Regular readers may remember that back in June, the House’s Federal Lands Subcommittee planned to hear the pro-gun Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act). That was, until a left-wing radical fired upon Republican congressmen and their aides who were practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. The shooting, which occurred on June 14, left Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) in critical condition. It also happened just hours before the SHARE Act was set to be heard by the subcommittee. Unsurprisingly, that hearing was cancelled.

Fortunately, the Federal Lands Subcommittee is once again considering the SHARE Act. Scheduled for 10 AM this morning, the bill will be heard by the subcommittee’s members and successful passage through this group would be a significant, but far from final, step on the road toward becoming law.

So what does the SHARE Act include? To summarize my June article, it addresses the following topics:

  1. Protection of firearm possession on Federal lands
  2. Strengthening interstate travel protections as laid out in FOPA 1986
  3. Hearing Protection Act: Reclassification of silencers as Title I firearms and tax refunds for any silencer purchased after October 22, 2015
  4. Lawful Purpose and Self Defense
    • Restricts the Federal Government’s ability to arbitrarily reclassify ammunition as armor piercing
    • Removes sporting purposes clause with respect to firearm and ammunition imports
    • Protects shotguns and large caliber rifles from classification as destructive devices
    • Allows interstate, temporary transfers for purposes other than sporting

In all, the SHARE Act brings forth a wide variety of reforms that should help to protect gun owners without posing any risk to the public as a whole. It’s the sort of pro-gun omnibus bill that many firearm enthusiasts have hoped to see pushed forward while Republicans control both houses of Congress and the presidency.

To express your support for the SHARE Act, contact the House Committee on Natural Resources or better yet, reach out to the members of the subcommittee directly.

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