The End is Near: CMP Lowers Yearly M1 Garand Limit


If you haven’t signed up for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s newsletters, you may have missed this news. According to Tuesday’s email from the organization, the yearly individual limit for M1 Garand purchases has been reduced to eight rifles per calendar year, effective immediately. That’s down from the longstanding limit of twelve per year.

Now, make no mistake, eight Garands is quite a haul for anyone. However, some serious collectors of “the greatest battle implement ever devised” adhered rather closely to the one-per-month policy. Since the CMP rifles feature no import markings, they’re considered highly collectible and the random nature of each order makes buying them somewhat of a thrill for those who can part with the cash.

More than anything, the news is indicative that these once plentiful rifles are beginning to dry up. The CMP hasn’t received a large quantity of the rifles since the Greek returns almost ten years ago. Garands haven’t been produced since the Korean War and like the M1 Carbines before them, the supply is bound to run out at some point.

If you still need an M1 Garand for your collection, now might be a good time to buy.

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