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In fewer than ten years, SilencerCo has risen to become one of the biggest players in the suppressor industry. The company is based in West Valley City, Utah.

Busy July for Suppressor Enthusiasts

July has been one heck of a month for silencer enthusiasts. First of all, the ATF appears to have finally cleared the pre-41F paperwork onslaught! That means approvals should speed up significantly. Second, a variety of manufacturers have announced new suppressors. Just two weeks after Thompson Machine revealed its new fully-modular .22 suppressor, SilencerCo and Q have thrown their hats… Read more »

Mass Layoffs at SilencerCo

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While the past eight years have been especially stressful for gun owners, the unprecedented explosion in firearms sales that took place during President Obama’s two terms and the run-up to 2016’s elections was quite good for gun and accessory retailers and manufacturers. Since November though, the market has been quite a bit different. Following Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the… Read more »

SilencerCo Announces Omega 45K, Kills Trifecta Mounts and Specwar Line

This afternoon, SilencerCo dropped a YouTube video outlining changes to their silencer lineup for 2017. In the spot (featured below), they show off the new Omega 45K, a larger brother to the company’s popular Omega 9K. However, it’s changes to existing products that have the firearms community buzzing. To start things off, SilencerCo is officially abandoning the Trifecta mounting system… Read more »

How SilencerCo is Undermining Silencer Shop’s Kiosk Program

It didn’t take long for Silencer Shop’s post-41F kiosks to attract the ire of competitors. In an email sent back in May by SilencerCo to their distributors, the suppressor giant accuses Silencer Shop of “spreading the next wave of Post (sic) 41F misinformation” and advises dealers that licensees are not permitted to collect fingerprints under the new regulations. The whole message,… Read more »

Silence Evolved: 2016 New Suppressor Preview

In Modern Rifleman’s first silencer preview last January, I made what seemed like a bold forecast when I proclaimed that 2015 would be the “Year of the Suppressor”. At the time, several major brands had new cans just over the horizon and a few young, but promising, companies were just leaving the ground. Despite my assertion, I’m not sure I… Read more »

Modern Rifleman’s Favorites of SHOT Show 2016

Last week, firearms manufacturers, dealers, and media headed to Las Vegas for the industry’s largest trade exhibition, SHOT Show. As is the case each year, SHOT’s 2016 episode brought several new product announcements and updates, a few of which particularly caught my attention. While I was unable to resolve some policy differences with the NSSF in order to attend the show,… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 12/6/15

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Liberty Ups the Ante with the Cosmic Last week, Liberty Suppressors reasserted themselves in the multi-caliber suppression market by announcing their new Cosmic 45 do-it-all can. Intended to take over where the Mystic and Mystic-X suppressors left off, the Cosmic expands caliber support up to .458 SOCOM and .450 Bushmaster. The Cosmic does lack some of the mounting options that… Read more »

Modern Rifleman Weekly 11/20/15

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The New York Daily News Embarrasses Itself, Others Take the Bait On Wednesday, the New York Daily News dropped with this cover story: Throughout the rest of the day, other “journalists” latched on to the theme and posted similar stories in popular news outlets lambasting the NRA for supposedly arming terrorists. Apparently, the NRA’s (and the ACLU’s) resistance to classifying… Read more »

Thoughts on SilencerCo’s SWR and Maxim 9 Announcements

Many readers have probably already seen SilencerCo’s huge product announcements this week. Indeed, outside of SHOT Show, this has probably been one of the most interesting weeks of firearm announcements in recent memory. Having had some time to digest the information, I can share a few thoughts on the upcoming products. Images from Soldier Systems Daily Osprey Micro Of the… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Eccentric Pistol Suppressor Roundup

When I was writing my reviews for the AAC Illusion 9 and SilencerCo Osprey 9, I often found myself drawing comparisons between these two eccentric pistol suppressors. Though the two represent very different takes on the asymmetrical silencer, they both largely share the same target market and buyers will naturally be pitting them against each other for years to come…. Read more »