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Widely considered the best values in the entire NFA world, Rimfire cans bring guns as close to “Hollywood quiet” as possible. I’ve reviewed a few solid options myself and you can find those articles here. Also, watch this space for news about exciting new .22 caliber silencers.

Silencer Shop Authority: Reviewing the Erector By Q

The National Firearms Act of 1934 and subsequent “add-ons” was one of the worst pieces of legislation ever forced upon American gun owners. Forget that it requires registration information and regulates inanimate objects like barrels, stocks, design shapes and trigger mechanisms for a moment. The NFA restriction of silencers, devices that can’t actually do anything on their own, hinders their… Read more »

Busy July for Suppressor Enthusiasts

July has been one heck of a month for silencer enthusiasts. First of all, the ATF appears to have finally cleared the pre-41F paperwork onslaught! That means approvals should speed up significantly. Second, a variety of manufacturers have announced new suppressors. Just two weeks after Thompson Machine revealed its new fully-modular .22 suppressor, SilencerCo and Q have thrown their hats… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Oculus 22 Review

If there’s a crowded portion of the suppressor market, it’s undoubtedly the rimfire/.22 caliber segment. Often viewed as “gateway drugs” to the world of quieter shooting, .22 silencers offer the least bang for the buck (no, literally the least noise) and they’re also often cheaper than centerfire suppressors. Thanks to these factors, there are dozens of competitive options out there;… Read more »

AAC Announces the Halcyon .22 Suppressor

Thanks to a new release from Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), their Ti-Rant M series cans now have a little brother. Named the Halcyon, their new .22 silencer features the same adaptability as its larger siblings as well as the same (or similar) K-baffle design as the centerfire options. While the full specifications can be seen below, let’s take a moment… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: DaVinci Arms Bambino Review

I am going to start the review of the DaVinci Arms Bambino silencer with a bold statement: suppressed rimfire shooting is the best kept secret in the entire firearms world. There, I said it. But in all seriousness, if you live in a state that allows it, a quality rimfire suppressor (and appropriate host) is pretty much required kit. They are… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Innovative Arms Slingshot Review

Over the last several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about some of the new suppressors from Innovative Arms. Thanks to my friends at Silencer Shop, I’ve had the chance to look at everything from Innovative’s Slingshot Micro .22 suppressor all the way up to their beefy Interceptor 7.62 silencer. Without question, I’ve had a great look into… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Innovative Arms Slingshot Micro Review

Around a month ago, the good people at Silencer Shop sent over a huge haul of suppressors for me to examine. Five cans in total, the shipment consisted of silencers of various calibers and manufacturers, but the overwhelming bulk of the contents were brand new demo models from Innovative Arms’ recently refreshed and expanded lineup.  I recently published my review of… Read more »

SilencerCo Announces Omega 45K, Kills Trifecta Mounts and Specwar Line

This afternoon, SilencerCo dropped a YouTube video outlining changes to their silencer lineup for 2017. In the spot (featured below), they show off the new Omega 45K, a larger brother to the company’s popular Omega 9K. However, it’s changes to existing products that have the firearms community buzzing. To start things off, SilencerCo is officially abandoning the Trifecta mounting system… Read more »

Rugged Suppressors’ New Oculus .22 Silencer

Just like they did last year, the folks at Rugged Suppressors have gotten a head start on SHOT Show 2017 – this time with their first .22 silencer. Named the Oculus, Rugged’s new can joins only SilencerCo’s Osprey Micro as an adjustable-length, .22-caliber silencer. Configurable in either 3.5″ or 5.25″ formats, the Oculus is 1.06″ in diameter and weighs either… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Q El Camino Review (Stainless Baffles)

A few months ago, I reported that a new player had suddenly appeared in the silencer game. After founding Advanced Armament, leaving there, kicking off silencer production at SIG, and then finding that environment too corportate, the sometimes abrasive – but always interesting – Kevin Brittingham opened the doors of his new shop, Q, back in March of this year…. Read more »