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All things related to the AR-15. From rifles to accessories, this space is dedicated to the Armalite Rifle.

Silencer Shop Authority: Gemtech Integra 5.56mm Review

Suppressing the legendary 5.56mm rifle round in short barrels is a challenge that silencer manufacturers have attempted to master for decades. Containing a large amount of deflagrating powder as it leaves the muzzle results in extreme heat, pressure and blowback – forcing even the best scientists and engineers to make trade offs. Not to mention the supersonic crack generated when that ~75 grain projectile… Read more »

Griffin Armament MK1 Recce AR-15 Review

When I first heard that Griffin Armament was hopping into the AR-15 game, my first thought was, “great… yet another AR.” This day and age, it seems like everyone sells AR-style rifles (I mean, even Savage has one now) and I wasn’t quite sure what Griffin was planning to bring to the table with the MK1 line. To be perfectly… Read more »

Griffin Armament Micro Modular (M2) Sights Review

Ever since I got my approved Form 1 back for my short-barreled AR-15, I’ve struggled to find appropriate sights, particularly for my ultra-short .300 Blackout (BLK) upper receiver. When I take my BLK upper to the range, it is typically accompanied by a 5.56mm upper of some sort along with other firearms, so space is at a premium and even… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Innovative Arms Interceptor 556 Review

When I was at the NRA Annual Meetings back in May, I had the good fortune of meeting with plenty of great people from the industry and saw a litany of awesome products in the process. Though everyone was friendly, a few companies stood out for taking the time to explain, in detail, how their offerings work and the philosophy behind… Read more »

Savage Arms Hops into the AR Game

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You may remember the now-infamous Springfield Armory Saint announcement last month, or maybe you don’t. Despite Springfield’s highly-polished and suspiciously ambiguous marketing blitz, the company’s first AR-15 failed to register a hit on many peoples’ radars, including my own. Because of that, and also seeing as how almost everyone makes an AR these days, I didn’t feel the rifle was… Read more »

On a Budget: JE Designs SOPMOD Stock Review

If you follow Modern Rifleman on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I recently received my approved Form 1 to turn my Aero Precision AR-15 lower receiver into a short-barreled rifle (SBR). Though I’ve always wanted to build a Mk18 Mod 0 clone of sorts, I also felt the urge to change things up with this built using different furniture and… Read more »

Finally, Subsonic Factory .300 BLK is Affordable

The phrase “game changer” might well be the most overused descriptor of the past decade. However, this new ammunition offering from Sellier & Bellot actually does fall in that category. A number of retailers (including SGAmmo as picured above) have recently listed S&B’s new 200 grain, subsonic .300 Blackout (BLK) load and the price per round is just $0.55. In recent years,… Read more »

AAC Introduces a New AR Rail Standard, Sort Of

If Keymod and M-LOK have failed to catch your attention, perhaps Advanced Armament’s new SquareDrop will finally be the ticket. Just announced, AAC’s interface will come on the company’s new SquareDrop AR-15 free-float rails, which are offered in 8″, 11.2″, and 13.5″ lengths. Now, while AAC’s new system looks like candy corn and is certainly different than its competitors, it… Read more »

Griffin Armament Releases Low-Pro RIGID Rail Kits

Today, Griffin Armament formally announced their new AR-15 Low-Pro RIGID handguard kits. The M-LOK-compatible sets feature everything pictured above, including the handguard, a proprietary barrel nut, the Rail Shield panels, Griffin’s Primo Gas Block, a QD sling swivel, timing shims, and an armorer’s wrench. That’s a lot of gear and it all comes at a reasonable price. Offered in lengths… Read more »

Triggered: ALG Defense QMS vs. Palmetto State Armory EPT

In the six or seven years I’ve been shooting AR-15s, I’ve changed upper receiver assemblies three times, swapped stocks twice, exchanged pistol grips once, added a railed handguard once, and experimented with more optics than I can count. Despite all these changes, the one part inside both of my rifles that I’ve never upgraded is the trigger. For some reason, I’ve always… Read more »