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Silencer Shop Authority: AAC Ti-Rant 9M Review

Back in 2013, I made my first suppressor purchase – a SilencerCo Octane 45 HD. At the time, my decision made a lot of sense as I didn’t have any other cans and caliber flexibility was paramount to me. In the four years following that purchase, I’ve learned quite a lot about myself as a shooter and silencer enthusiast, primarily that… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Gemtech Aurora Review

In June 1995, at the tail end of the Bosnian War, an American pilot, Captain Scott O’Grady, was shot down in his F-16 while flying a sortie over Serb controlled territory. For the next six days, O’Grady managed to successfully evade enemy forces who actively sought to flush him out of hiding. For the entirety of his six-day struggle, O’Grady… Read more »

ICYMI: Strike Industries Unveils SI 2017 “MP5 Project”

Earlier this week, Strike Industries dropped a massive surprise when they announced a new, MP5-compatible receiver group that they’re calling the SI 2017. The news was first reported by Soldier Systems and The Firearm Blog and Strike’s concept is compelling. Essentially, they’ve taken the main operating components of the MP5 (bolt, barrel, etc.) and dropped them into a new aluminum… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Reviewing Alpha Dog’s Alpha 9 Suppressor

The past few years have been extremely good to suppressor enthusiasts and manufacturers. In spite of the threat posed by ATF 41F, the sheer numbers of silencers in public hands has exploded and in response to this growth, we’ve seen plenty of new companies hop in for a piece of the pie. A few of these newcomers happen to be cranking out… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse Review

When most people think about suppressors, the first thing that comes to mind is a removable device that attaches to the end of a firearm’s barrel and reduces the volume of the gun’s report. It’s true. Most silencers are relatively small units that aren’t necessarily intended to permanently live on a particular gun. However, thanks to the massive growth in… Read more »

September 2016: Corrections and Revisions

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Here at Modern Rifleman, I always try to get things right on the first go-around. However, occasionally I miss something or I get the chance to revisit a product that I previously reviewed. Both of these things happened within the past month and I wanted to call attention to a few new data points. Freedom Munitions 165 Grain 9mm HUSH… Read more »

Reviewing Silencer Shop’s Custom Brethren Armament BAP9 MP5

The story of today’s most prolific submachine gun began over five decades ago. After Heckler & Koch found its 7.62x51mm G3 to be an excellent performer in the hands of German forces and militaries around the world, the company set out to bring the G3’s roller-delayed blowback system to other calibers and other form factors. This development, which began in 1964, moved… Read more »

Silencer Shop Authority: Bowers VERS 9S Review

I’ll be the first to admit: for a long time, I thought dedicated subgun silencers were unnecessary. Since many modern pistol suppressors perform so well, they often leave very little room for metered improvement, regardless of the host firearm or ammunition. To me, it just did not seem like taking on additional weight and length to support a silencer that may not… Read more »

Glock’s New 17M to be Adopted by Indianapolis Police

According to a post over at Soldier Systems, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) will be the first to adopt Glock’s new made-for-FBI 17M. Based on all the information available right now, the changes from Glock’s G17 Gen 4 are fairly incremental, but some are features that the market has desired for many years. Most notably, the hotly contentious finger grooves… Read more »

PTR Working on MP5 Clone

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During my discussion with representatives from PTR Industries at NRA Annual Meetings 2016, the company let it slip that they are currently working on an HK94/MP5 clone (not pictured above) for the US market. They also stated that pricing for the new offerings would be in line with their current products. Considering the cost of current MP5-style firearms, this is… Read more »