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Here you will find bits and pieces of significant firearm news. Modern Rifleman does not endeavor to be a breaking news site, but occasionally there are developments that need special recognition. Be sure to check out the regular Modern Rifleman Weekly news summaries.

Busy July for Suppressor Enthusiasts

July has been one heck of a month for silencer enthusiasts. First of all, the ATF appears to have finally cleared the pre-41F paperwork onslaught! That means approvals should speed up significantly. Second, a variety of manufacturers have announced new suppressors. Just two weeks after Thompson Machine revealed its new fully-modular .22 suppressor, SilencerCo and Q have thrown their hats… Read more »

The State of Modern Rifleman: Q2 2017

It’s report card time again at Modern Rifleman! That’s right, July 1 marked the close of 2017’s second quarter for this website and that means it’s time for a quarterly checkup. Every three months, I put together these quarterly reviews to give readers a look behind the curtain of this growing web property. I also do this to help potential… Read more »

Thoughts on Smith & Wesson’s Acquisition of Gemtech

Before I get into this, I need to issue a disclaimer that nothing I say here is based on any sort of insider information.  Sometimes I do get reliable tips from folks in the industry that I then share here. This isn’t one of those cases. With all of that out of the way, I am sure most readers saw… Read more »

Silencer Shop Introduces Money Back Guarantee

The purveyors of fine NFA wares at Silencer Shop just keep pouring it on. The SID kiosks introduced last year almost totally offset the fingerprinting and paperwork headaches brought about by ATF 41F and just last week, they announced the start of their new electronic Form 1 processing service to a massively positive response. The revolutionary new system makes Form… Read more »

Molot, Maker of Vepr Rifles, Named in Russian Sanctions

Yesterday, the Department of the Treasury announced a new round of sanctions against Russian citizens and businesses that have been involved with the Ukraine conflict and for AK fans, the news is not good. Molot-Oruzhie, OOO, or Molot for short, has been added to the list of sanctioned entities resulting in a ban on future imports of the RPK-based Vepr… Read more »

Submitting NFA Form 1 Applications with Silencer Shop

Life just got a whole lot easier for people looking to make their own short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and DIY silencers. After months of development, Silencer Shop’s electronic Form 1 submissions are now live. Thanks to the crew down in Austin, I had the chance to be a beta tester for the new platform last week and today, I’m going… Read more »

Dead Air and Silencer Shop Back Together

After almost a year and a half of separation, two of the silencer industry’s best companies are finally back together. That’s right, Silencer Shop and Dead Air Armament have formally announced the restoration of their partnership and their whole lineup of suppressors are now available through Powered By Silencer Shop dealers and SID kiosks around the country. There’s no question,… Read more »

AAC Announces the Halcyon .22 Suppressor

Thanks to a new release from Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), their Ti-Rant M series cans now have a little brother. Named the Halcyon, their new .22 silencer features the same adaptability as its larger siblings as well as the same (or similar) K-baffle design as the centerfire options. While the full specifications can be seen below, let’s take a moment… Read more »

ATF Clarifies Legality of Shouldering SB Tactical Braces

This one isn’t exactly breaking news anymore, but it deserves a mention. Last night, SB Tactical – the folks known for their line of stock-like arm braces for AR, AK, and HK pistols among others – posted excerpts from a letter received by their legal counsel from the ATF. The note was in response to an inquiry from the counsel… Read more »

Griffin Armament Announces Revolution Upgrade Program

One of the unfortunate truths of NFA firearms and the long wait times associated with the approval process is that sometimes that can you bought eight months ago and just picked up might already be out of date. With a litany of companies producing suppressors and new releases hitting every few months, it isn’t uncommon for an entirely new release… Read more »