Silencer Shop Introduces Money Back Guarantee

The purveyors of fine NFA wares at Silencer Shop just keep pouring it on. The SID kiosks introduced last year almost totally offset the fingerprinting and paperwork headaches brought about by ATF 41F and just last week, they announced the start of their new electronic Form 1 processing service to a massively positive response. The revolutionary new system makes Form 1 submissions trivially easy to complete and outclasses the ATF’s eForms system, even with the 41F requirements. As incredible as that new service is, this week’s announcement is truly unheard of. Starting today, Silencer Shop will now offer a full money-back guarantee on suppressor purchases, even after they’ve been approved.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you purchase a silencer sight unseen from You have it transferred to your local Powered By dealer and Silencer Shop submits the Form 4 on your dealer’s behalf, just as they always do. When your Form 4 is finally approved, you go and pick up your suppressor. That’s all how things have always worked under the Powered By system.

Now, as soon as your dealer receives the approved Form 4, a 90-day guarantee period begins. In the 90 days following approval, you may return the suppressor to Silencer Shop for any reason. Silencer Shop will refund the cost of the silencer and the cost of the tax stamp.

Silencer Shop’s Powered By system has been a boon to dealers, particularly smaller ones who can’t or don’t want to maintain expensive inventory in their shops. It makes the buying process so simple for consumers that local dealers really have no need to keep cans in the display cases (though they certainly may if they desire). The only downside of that is that buyers cannot always handle suppressors before committing to purchase. The silencer may or may not work well with the desired host, but there’s no way of knowing. In the past, once the purchase was made, buyers were effectively stuck with the silencer. Selling NFA items is difficult enough, but returns were simply unheard of. Silencer Shop’s Guarantee changes that.

There are some important requirements that must be followed to take advantage of the new program. Directly from Silencer Shop:

  • This offer only applies after the Form 4 is approved by the BATFE. Suppressor orders cannot be canceled or refunded while the Form 4 is pending.
  • Any promotional items earned as part of the original purchase (e.g., gift certificates, free accessories, etc.) will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • Guarantee applies to all Powered By Silencer Shop suppressors purchased from Silencer Shop. This includes suppressors purchased from your local Powered By Silencer Shop dealer! (Assuming they got the suppressor from us.)
  • You can easily determine if your purchase qualifies by looking for the special Silencer Shop logo (shown at the top of this article) in box 3a. of your Form 4 submission when you sign digitally.
  • To receive a full refund, all respective accessories, cases, manuals, and original packaging must accompany your returned silencer.
  • To process a return, you must first contact Silencer Shop ( to receive a return authorization number and to begin the form rescission process. At that time, you will receive instructions on how and when to return the suppressor. Following these instructions is required.
  • BATFE approval might be required before the suppressor can be returned to Silencer Shop. Silencer Shop is not responsible for any delays caused by BATFE.
  • For purchases made directly from a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer, a purchase receipt will be required, and the refund amount may be limited to the lesser of either the suppressor’s listed MSRP or the dealer’s listed online price.
  • The refund will be given once Silencer Shop receives said suppressor.

So in essence, if the silencer you buy simply won’t work for you or isn’t what you’d hoped it would be, Silencer Shop will take it back and you’ll be out nothing but the time spent waiting on the ATF. Yet again, Silencer Shop has come to market with another interesting and innovative offering. I can’t imagine ever choosing to return a can once approved, but hopefully this will give some uncertain buyers a little added comfort.


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